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Why Earthly?

Earthly helps companies build trust, measure value, and drive commercial ROI from their sustainability efforts, making it easy for customers, employees, and stakeholders to fully understand and support their initiatives.

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We tackle global and interlinked crises

Sustainability is challenging. Today businesses must align responsibility with growth and productivity. Earthly helps businesses succeed and tackle these challenges by providing solutions for investing in nature and demonstrating high impact. 

Why only nature-based solutions?

Because they fight climate change, reverse diversity loss and help people thrive across the world. They are partnerships with nature to protect and regenerate precious ecosystems from tropical forests to coastal mangroves, peatlands to working lands. 

Nature-based solutions not only sequester carbon, they also provide co-benefits like boosting biodiversity and improving the livelihoods of local people.

All our projects are handpicked for their carbon-busting power and ability to set people and nature on the path to recovery.

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Forest Protection


Tree Planting


Did you know?

With nature-based solutions we can remove 1/3 of the CO2 needed to avoid climate breakdown by 2030.

High impact

A science-based approach

The experts

Our scientific board

Our interdisciplinary, independent Scientific Board supports our decision-making & provides oversight and advice on project selection and verification

  • Dr David Ganz, PhD

    • 30+ years forestry • Director RECOFTC • UN-REDD Board

  • Daniela Rey Christen

    Daniela Rey Christen

    • Founder and Director, Climate Law & Policy • UNFCCC and REDD+ Advisor

  • Prof. J. Boone Kauffman

    • Oregon State University • Blue Carbon Initiative • PhD Forest Ecology

  • Rosie Dunscombe, FCA

    • 17+ years natural capital • Capitals Coalition Director • Science-based Targets

  • Dr Hannah Reid, PhD

    • UNFCCC Expert on Biodiversity & Climate Change Adaptation • IIED

  • Dr PJ Stephenson, Phd

    • Chair IUCN Species Monitoring Specialist Group • University of Lausanne

  • John Latham

    John Latham

    • Senior Geospatial Advisor • University of Southampton • Senior Environment Officer FAO