About us

Earthly is empowering hundreds of organisations globally to tackle climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse, actively contributing to the protection and restoration of our planet.

We do this by identifying the world’s most impactful nature-based projects that align with our client’s environmental and social goals.

At the heart of our platform sits our rigorous project quality assessment that screens 106 data points across each project’s carbon, biodiversity and social impact.

With funding from Google, we are now helping 600+ global companies invest into the top 5% scoring nature-based projects to de-risk their climate contributions and become the regenerative business leaders of tomorrow.

Who we are

The faces behind Earthly

We are an experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, all inspired by a vision of a planet where businesses work in partnership with nature, not against it.

Together we’re leading a global movement among business - to remove carbon, restore nature and support local communities.

Team Sheepdrove

Our priorities

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Our core team

  • Anna

    Anna Zhang

    UX Designer

  • Andras Dako Sr Software Engineer

    Andras Dako

    Head of Engineering

  • Andrew Tolson

    Andrew Tolson

    Account Executive

  • Angel

    Angelina Purschel

    Software Engineer

  • Banashree Thapa Earthly Research Associate

    Banashree Thapa

    Research Lead & Portfolio Manager

  • Charles Perry

    Charles Perry

    Senior Advisor

  • David Encarnation

    David Encarnation

    Research Fellow

  • David Mbugua

    Operations Associate

  • Faith Sayo

    Faith Sayo

    Content Marketing

  • Giacomo Bartoleschi

    Giacomo Bartoleschi


  • Iris Beswick Earthly Carbon Accounting

    Iris Beswick

    Data Analyst

  • Jade Bouhmouch Earthly CFO

    Jade Bouhmouch

    Finance Advisor

  • Earthly Team Jenny Hyndman

    Jenny Hyndman

    Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Lorenzo Curci

    co-founder & CCO

  • Maria Headshot

    Maria Olender

    GIS Researcher

  • Oliver Bolton Earthly CEO

    Oliver Bolton

    co-founder & CEO

  • Shalom

    Shalom Dom

    Marketing & Design Associate

  • Shelby Torrence

    Marketing Advisor

Our leadership team

olly managemet page

Co-founder & CEO

Oliver Bolton

Oliver Bolton is the co-founder and CEO of Earthly. As a ClimateTech entrepreneur, Olly is passionate about reversing climate breakdown, restoring our planet, and leaving a better Earth for future generations.

Olly previously launched Europe's first B Corp drinks company, Waterbomb, and co-founded the UK's leading subscription nutrition platform In 2017 he was the recipient of the Virgin VOOM award from Sir Richard Branson. He is an active B Corp Ambassador and enjoys mentoring school children through The Prince's Trust.

lorenzo management page

Co-founder & CCO

Lorenzo Curci

Lorenzo Curci is the co-founder and CCO of Earthly. Prior to starting Earthly, Lorenzo managed a team of 30 at Credit Suisse within the Equity Derivatives division. The allure of entrepreneurial life, however, was too strong and in 2013, he started Huez, a technical cycling brand, with the aim of getting people out of cars and onto bikes.

In 2018, Lorenzo felt more could be done to address climate change and so, alongside Olly, he founded Earthly with a mission to help businesses invest in high-quality nature-based solutions.

Want our take?

The Earthly team is full of exciting individuals, experienced at delivering engaging talks, workshops and hosting panel conversations online and in-person.

On stage, we bring colourful visuals, imagery and interactive elements. We love talking about nature-based solutions and climate tech, but also have plenty to say on purpose-led business, impact investing, climate start-ups and the road to net zero.

If you'd like to request a speaker from Earthly's research or leadership teams, please get in touch at [email protected].