Embed Earthly into your business

Earthly connects your website or app directly to nature so you automatically contribute to saving the planet with each customer purchase.

Want to involve customers in your climate action?

Our smooth integration means your investments in nature scale with your company's growth. Fully incorporated, it will run automatically and you can explore your progress on your impact dashboard.

Easy as API

How it works

Smart tech made simple. Just tell us which action you want to reward and we’ll make it happen.

  1. Setup goals

    Decide what you want to incentivise – click, purchase, booking, sign up - anything!

  2. Connect to nature

    Plug our API into your app, website or product. Every action will trigger positive support for nature.

  3. Share progress

    See your impact on our immersive 3D platform – then share it with your users and the world.


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Earthly Reputation


Showcase your commitment to our planet’s future and make customers feel good about buying from and interacting with you.



Attract new customers – and show returning customers you'll go above and beyond for them.



Our custom integration is easy to install and a seamless experience for customers. The simplest way to upgrade your tech – and your sustainability.

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Earthly API makes it easy for your customers to restore nature. Their collective action creates to a powerful compound impact for your business.

No tech? No problem.

Don’t have the tech to connect?

Offset your impact instantly or set up a subscription for nature-based projects in our Marketplace. If you have something more custom in mind, we're open to ideas and love a good challenge. Want to reward customers for physical product purchases? or add an Earthly QR code to encourage consumer action? We’ve got you.

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Track and share your positive impact

All Earthly customers receive resources and support, including an impact dashboard that can be shared with employees, customers, partners, etc. and help to bring your investments to life.

Customers also receive a communication resource kit with guidance, content, and images that can be shared with their community on email, Social, and your website. The kit helps you accurately communicate your climate journey and inspire others to take action.

Frequently asked questions

  • Integration
  • Security
  • General


What does the Earthly API integration include?

The full end to end Earthly integration includes:

  • Setting up multiple investment triggers (creating an account, referring a friend, purchasing a product, paying an invoice… your imagination is the limit!)
  • Offering your customers a choice of projects they would like to support
  • Creating users so that your customers can see their individual impact over time
  • Embedding the outcomes your business and community have achieved by working with Earthly e.g. amount of Carbon removed from the atmosphere
How long does it take to integrate?

The full integration can be completed within 2 weeks. We understand the desire to keep integration efforts to a minimum. Earthly’s API is designed with developers in mind, with clear and clean endpoints and accompanying in-depth documentation.

Some of our customers opt to integrate with a subsection of the API first, which can be done in just a few hours. For example, you can bake investments in nature into a workflow by integrating with the POST assets endpoint. You won’t have to change anything on the UI and all the impact data will be clearly visible on your Earthly dashboard.

Once you and your tech team have gotten confident with the API and it’s value, a full end to end integration can be done as described in the FAQ above. We’ll provide access to a testing environment to try everything out for yourself before deciding on the level of integration that makes the most sense for your company.

Can we just do it manually and achieve mostly the same thing without dev effort?

The Earthly API has more advantages than doing it manually. To name a few:

  • Immediately visualise impact in your own ecosystem
  • Show your customers increasing rewards each time they engage with you. Our customer Caixa Bank has increased engagement by 25% by implementing the API
  • Easy to offer a wide-range of projects that support your users’ goals and values within your own ecosystem. With the Earthly API you can easily integrate and increase your users sense of agency and loyalty to your business


Is the Earthly API secure?

Yes, it is. The Earthly API has authenticated endpoints, you will receive an API key that is unique to your business.

Moreover, the API receives no business sensitive information. It is agnostic to what triggers the investment in nature, all it knows is that you are asking it to plant a tree, protect some rainforest or regenerate a coastline!

Showing our users their impact sounds cool but what about GDPR?

The Earthly API is GDPR compliant by default. Creating users is entirely optional. However, it can be really powerful to show your user what they have done for nature, especially if they can grow their impact by continuing to engage with you. If you choose to create users they are fully tokenised. This means Earthly will have no PII at all - they’re just a hash of random letters and numbers in our database!


How do I get access to my impact profile?

Once you create your account with Earthly you will receive an email that allows you to view your public impact profile. The impact displayed here will grow the more you invest in nature, enabling you to share and track the impact you have made with your stakeholders and end users.

Can I ask my end customers to pay?

Yes, you can allow your customers to choose whether or not to pay to invest in nature. Earthly won’t process or access your users payment information. So all you have to do is charge your users via your existing payment process and then pay us as a part of your standard monthly invoice. Some of our customers will pay for investments in nature at checkout themselves as part of a rewards scheme, and others will do a combination of both. A few customers are even exploring creating an entirely white label marketplace of projects.

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