Make your business climate-positive

The Natural Revolution is led by the world’s most progressive organisations. Join them now and step up as a leader by balancing your business’s entire carbon footprint.

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Whether you’ve already set a net-zero goal, or you’ve literally never heard of a carbon footprint, we’ve made it ridiculously easy to balance your business.

Calculate your carbon

We’ll work with experts to calculate your impact across your entire business. Or if you know it already you can give us the details and we'll get going.

Your first step to becoming climate positive is calculating how much carbon is produced by your business across all three emissions scopes. We'll choose one of our third party partners – with the right tools for your business – to ensure you get an accurate, trusted footprint calculation. We'll also help you identify areas of high impact and provide suggested pathways to reduction. As it is important to reduce your impact as well as remove it.

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Invest in nature

Once we know your total impact we'll create a custom carbon removal plan for you and help you invest in science-backed nature-based solutions.

Our pre-made bundle of natural assets is the perfect combination of carbon storage and sequestration. It's made up of natural assets from groundbreaking projects around the world - that have great social benefits, as well as environmental ones. If you'd prefer, you can support a specific project. Just let us know what you value as a business and we'll create a plan that's aligned with your culture and ambitions.

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See your impact

Our immersive platform makes it easy for you to monitor your investments. You'll see the positive impact you're making - for the planet and communities - in real-time.

One of the biggest challenges for carbon balancing is you can't see it. It's intangible, invisible. And that makes it hard to get your head around (and sell in to your boss). So we've spent years developing a solution. Our immersive platform is as engaging as it is enlightening. You'll see, in real time, how you're making a difference and get on-the-ground project updates. Through our satellite partner, Satsure, we'll also send you monthly updates of your natural assets. 100% trustworthy. 100% visible impact.

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Become climate-positive

You'll start to remove and reduce your impact. You'll become a progressive leader in the fight against climate change. Then you'll share your progress with the world.

It's called 'climate-positive' because we don't just balance your carbon emissions, we go that extra step. The natural assets you invest in will sequester more carbon than you are producing over their growth life. Becoming climate-positive is a big, bold step. It shows the world you're a progressive leader who's taking real action to keep humanity safe on Earth. So we've made it easy for you to tell that story. You can use our immersive platform to showcase your impact to customers, employees and investors on your own channels.

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*Because we work with world-leading science and natural solutions partners who do all the complicated, technical bits.

Making What A Melon


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See our plant-powered projects

We work with natural solutions projects across the world. These projects don't just sequester carbon, they make entire ecosystems healthier, give wildlife happier lives, and give all of us a fighting chance on this planet. They're essential, proven and powerful. Projects like these simply don't get the support they need.* And we're on a mission to change that. With businesses like yours.

*Actually, many, many scientists don't think they're getting enough support. Really, we're just
listening to them. Read more about it here.



How exactly will you calculate my business’s footprint?

We use specialist third party auditors for this – it’s a complex, technical process so it’s important we get the experts involved. After a consultation with you about your business (size, industry, requirements), we’ll connect you with a third party auditor that’s suitable for your organisation. To work out the entirety of a carbon footprint for a business, you need to examine your whole supply chain (e.g. the energy you use within your office and where it comes from). Going into this much detail means looking across all 3 emissions scopes:

Scope 1, Direct Emissions – Sources that are owned or controlled by the company. Direct emissions from a manufacturing plant or the heating for your office building.

Scope 2, Indirect Emissions – Purchased sources of energy such as electricity that the company does not control. This Scope usually represents the majority of a footprint.

Scope 3, Indirect Emissions – These are all indirect emissions that are embedded within the value chain of your company (such as investments, purchased goods etc.).

Could I start a bit smaller?

If this sounds overwhelming, you could start by balancing a particular product or range. Focus on removing the carbon from one area of your business and then as a whole. If that’s still too much you could start by balancing your team. All action is good action.

It sounds like a high investment… is it?

The price will change depending on your footprint but we divide it up into monthly payments to make it manageable. It also varies according to which bundle you choose (some projects are more expensive than others but may have more of a carbon sequestration power, for example). Our Earthly bundle has been designed to have the biggest impact possible, using a range of verified and non-verified projects, while also being kind to your bank balance.

Is this just offsetting with a different name?

No, we want to help and encourage businesses to go above and beyond just carbon offsetting. We show you where your impact is so you really know what mark you are having on the planet. Then we help you invest in the nature-based solutions that are going to pack the biggest punch when addressing the climate crisis. And we don’t just balance your impact – we help you become climate positive. The natural assets you invest in will sequester more carbon than you are producing over their growth life. And don’t worry, we factor in buffers in case anything happens to the assets. Also once you know your impact you can choose to address areas that could be reduced to make your impact smaller. Which means you’ll be on your way to becoming climate positive, and you’ll be reducing the physical impact of your business alongside this.

What is a carbon footprint?

When we discuss the carbon footprint of something, we’re referring to Mike Berners-Lee’s definition: ‘it is the best estimate that we can get of the full climate change impact of something’. It’s useful to note from the outset that any carbon footprint, no matter how accurate or detailed the calculations are, is not always going to be 100% correct – but it will be the best estimation. We also know that nobody is going to have a perfect carbon footprint, but everybody can reach a climate positive lifestyle through nature-based solutions.

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