Earthly Bundle

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What on Earthly?

Peru, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar | £5.55 per CO2 tonne

This revolutionary Earthly bundle contains the best of the best of climate-change-reversing, carbon-busting assets. It’s the simplest – and most effective – way to remove your impact. We have put together this bundle because we know this collection of projects packs a massive climate punch.

Our first Earthly bundle will consist of the following:

Mix up your impact

We believe in diversifying your impact. To tackle the climate crisis there is not a one size fits all solution this is why we have created the Earthly bundle. We don’t believe that any one nature-based solution should be used predominantly over another but a mix of multiple solutions is the best way forward.

Supporting a range of solutions also acts as a buffer in case there is any problems within an individual project such as a fire or a storm surge that destroys an area of nearly restored mangrove habitat. We know that these types of events are likely to happen at some point so reducing our reliance on a single project means our whole impact isn’t invested in one place.

Why these projects?

Earthly has selected this mix for our first bundle because we believe it is important to not only reforest degraded areas but also to protect existing ecosystems. Project Drawdown estimates that for each hectare of forest protected, the threat of deforestation is removed. By protecting an additional 335-466 million hectares of forest, 5.5-8.8 gigatons of CO2 emissions could be avoided by 2050.

We are also passionate about supporting projects that have connections to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), therefore we only work with projects that have a proven link to how they are supporting the goals. The specific goals that each project supports can be found on the individual project pages.

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