Marie Claire: How a year in lockdown changed beauty forever

Feb 19, 2021

Marie Claire beauty columnist and influencer, Ateh Jewel, shared some insights as to how lockdown has affected the beauty industry. Ateh delves into Covid -19, BLM, how WFH has changed the world and transformed our perceptions of beauty.

Ateh Jewel featured a snipped from from the Earthly and Evolve Beauty press release in her product round-up.

“Evolve is the world’s first climate positive beauty brand. Working with Earthly, Evolve has already offset 110% of their measured emissions by supporting the platform’s BAM project in the Amazon Rainforest to prevent deforestation and avoid producing carbon. Founder and CEO Laura Rudoe says, “By 2023, we aim to achieve a climate positive business and supply chain where we will have reduced our emissions as much as possible, gone net zero and contributed to restoring our planet through offsetting with Earthly”.

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