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Why are you a bit more expensive than your competitors?

Good question. We are a bit more expensive than our competitors, yes. But with good reason. Nature-based solutions projects are that bit more expensive because of trickier implementation. We could be as cheap as others but we didn’t want to support much cheaper traditional carbon credits because we don’t believe in what they do. So you pay for the natural element rather than us wanting more money.

Can I remove more carbon than I produce?

Do you even need to ask? Of course you can! The more carbon you want to remove, the better – you will be a true climate champion.

How much of my money goes to Earthly?

We charge a 20% fee on top of the project fees. 3% of this covers our transaction costs and FX costs. The rest is used towards Earthly scaling including our marketing as well as developing our technology so we can continue to help tackle the climate crisis.

Is Earthly a registered charity?

No we’re a limited company, which may seem weird considering our mission. But with the mounting time pressure on the climate crisis we need the ability to gather investment and expand our team so we can help more and more businesses join the natural revolution.

Is stopping climate change really possible?

Obviously climate change is a really complex problem and it’s going to take a whole range of solutions – this is just one of them. We have to make sure we are reducing our impact as well as investing in these natural climate solutions.

But to break it down, nature-based solutions can help to address the climate crisis in three main ways:

1. Capturing and storing additional carbon from the atmosphere as well as storing existing carbon
2. Reducing GHGs related to land use changes
3. Improving the resilience of ecosystems and communities

Is this just offsetting with a different name?

No, we want to help and encourage businesses to go above and beyond just carbon offsetting. We show you where your impact is so you really know what mark you’re making on the planet. We help you invest in the nature-based solutions that will pack the biggest punch when addressing the climate crisis. And we don’t just balance your impact – we help you become climate positive. The natural assets you invest in will sequester more carbon than you are producing over their growth life. And don’t worry, we factor in buffers in case anything happens to the assets. Also, once you know your impact, you can choose to address areas that could be reduced to make your impact smaller. Which means you’ll be on your way to becoming climate positive, and you’ll be reducing the physical impact of your business alongside this.

What is climate positive?

Climate positive means you are removing more carbon than you are producing. Pretty cool, right? However, this isn’t a quick process. Natural assets have to grow and we have to make sure they’re protected so they become carbon stores over time, so they can function as carbon sinks long-term.

Why do you say carbon removal not carbon offsetting?

We say removal not offsetting because we believe that offsetting is just putting a plaster on the problem. We want to help people understand their impact and then simultaneously reduce it whilst investing in nature based solutions at the same time. One cannot be down in the place of the other. We also want to invest in assets that physically remove carbon rather than just avoid emissions, which a lot of traditional carbon credits support.

Aren’t offsets just covering up the problem?

In an ideal world we would all stop producing greenhouse gas emissions, but such a dramatic move would bring other consequences. We need to reduce our emissions but also consider development alongside the UN Sustainable Development Goals for example, and in doing this there are going to be trade offs. We know offsets – especially nature-based ones that Earthly supports – can be used alongside other emissions reduction techniques to help companies bridge the transition towards a zero carbon economy.

We know offsets and especially nature-based ones that Earthly supports can be used alongside other emissions reduction techniques to help companies bridge the transition towards a zero carbon economy.

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is a ‘measurable, quantifiable, and trackable unit of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions’. In order to ensure carbon offsets are creating real and progressive climate impacts, the emissions they claim to reduce must be:
additional, real, measurable, have no leakage, permanent and verifiable.

We go into the real real sciencey stuff here if you’re interested in learning more.