Integrate Earthly into your products

Our custom integration tools give you the power to connect Earthly with your digital or physical products. So every time a customer buys, clicks or takes action, you can reward them with world-saving natural solutions..

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How it works

Our API makes it easy to link user actions with natural solutions. Just connect it with your app or website, decide what you want users to do, then let them know they can change the world with a click.


View and test our API technology in a sandbox environment. This ensures everything runs smoothly and your users will get the same great experience they always do from your site or app.


Connect your website or application. Define your goals or challenges - what do you want users to do? Then, every time they do it, you automatically reward them with a natural asset.

See your impact

Our immersive platform makes it easy for you to see your rewards in action. You can monitor your assets, explore your impact and check out real-time data via our satellite partner.

Share your impact

We'll give you content to help you to share your revolutionary actions with the world. So you can tell a powerful story about a progressive business with engaged, conscious customers.

No tech? No problem

Don’t have the tech to connect? Don't worry, we wouldn't let a thing like that get in your way. We can help you offer rewards like tree planting, through physical product purchases. We can integrate directly into your sales systems or give you an Earthly QR code to encourage consumer action. Or, if you have something even more custom in mind, we're open to ideas and love a good challenge.

It couldn’t be more simple.

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Why on Earthly would I want to do this?

Sure, you could stick to the traditional rewards programs - give your customers points or pens or vouchers that expire the next day. But wouldn’t something that would actually benefit the world - and them - be better?


It's a great way to showcase your sustainability commitment – or highlight initiatives of a particular product or range.


It's an effective way to attract new customers, but also show returning customers you'll go above and beyond for them.

Exponential impact

You'll do good but your customers will feel a sense of achievement too. We're all in this together.


The Natural Revolution is happening. It's essential. And history will remember the people who led it. Make this your first action and stand out for all the right reasons.

Planet beats points

Give your customers more than just points or pens (let's face it, who would *actually* choose a trinket over an earth-saving tree?)

I’ll have what they’re having

We’re helping progressive organisations of all shapes and sizes balance their carbon impact and become climate positive.



Should I not be balancing my whole company?

We want to help everyone be that bit more conscious of their impact, but we understand that it might not be the right time for you to look at your whole business or product carbon footprint. That doesn’t mean you can’t join the Natural Revolution though. This can be a first step until you’re ready to become climate positive.

Wait, won't I become climate positive if I do this?

You won’t be able to become climate positive until you work out your carbon impact and are ready to start removing that impact. This can be seen as an intermediary step until you are ready to take that leap.

Do I have to gift trees every time?

No not at all. You can select the type of nature-based asset you’d like to reward your customers with. We think trees are great because they’re tangible and come in neat little units of 1, but if you have other ideas please select the solution that works for you.

I don't have any technology to integrate with Earthly. What do I do?

That isn’t a problem at all! You can gift trees or other nature-based solutions through the physical sale of a certain product or range. Check out our Garnier case study to learn more. And if you have other thoughts about how you’d like to integrate Earthly please contact our sale team as we are always open to new ideas.